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Friday, August 7, 2009

My hut and family compound.

Most Gambians live in round or square huts built out of mud and concrete bricks. The roof can be either thatch (as mine is) or corragate metal. Due to violent storms during the rainy season, Gambians are constantly making repairs to their homes. There is usually no running water or electricity, but you can see that I have a solar panel and car battery set up in my hut. I fetch drinking water from a pump and keep it in a filter and a large clay jar that I have. I fetch bathing water from an open well near my hut and store it in buckets. It's a simple home, but it's a good home.

Putting more hay on the roof of my hut (preparing for rainy season).
My pit latrine.
My back yard. The bath tub was put there by a previous volunteer. I put up the tire swing and the prayer flags (see "Questions and Answers" if you're curious about the prayer flags).
Inside my hut.
Inside my hut.
Inside my hut.
My host-families water jars.
My hut.
The cooking house and other compound huts.
The donkey pen.

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