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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Host Family, The Chams

Below are pictures of my Gambian host-family. My host-father is Mamasamba Cham. He is a Wolof from Senegal, but he lives in a Fula village here in The Gambia. Mamasamba has a great sense of humor and is one of the only Gambians I have met that understands American sarcasm. He never beats his wives or his children and he works hard as a farmer and a mason. He married 3 wives. He had 6 children by the first wife, but then he divorced her. Omar is the only one of her 6 children who still lives in the compound. He is 20 years old and also works as a mason. The second wife is Maimuna (she is kind, hard working, and has a wonderful laugh). She has 5 children; (oldest to youngest) Alhagie-Mawdo, Mamdou-Hawa, Amie, Jenaba, Kadijatou. The third wife is named Baby. She has one child, Amie, who is 2 years old. It's a big family.


Mamasamba sitting with two of his daughters from his first wife and one daughter, Amie (far right) from his second wife.

Amie, the only daughter of Baby.



(left to right) Jenaba, Amie, Amie, Baby, Mamabou-Hawa.

Omar (right) and Ibremon, a village shop owner (left).


Alhagie-Mawdo and Mamabou-Hawa

Kadijatou and Mamasamba


Amie and Amie

Baby and Maimuna

Tutoring Omar


Tutoring Amie

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