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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gambian food.

Rice, coos, and groundnuts are staple foods in The Gambia. Beans, sorrell, and peppers are also very common. Fruits are seasonal; first it will be apples, then bananas, then watermelons, then cashew fruits, then mangoes, etc.... Oranges are also common. Vegetables are always available (onions, egg plant, tomatoes, bitter tomatoe, cabbage, carrots, squash). Gambians usually eat goats, cows, sheep, and chickens (no pork, because they are Muslim), though meat is a luxery and is usually only served at large events, on holidays, or by people who can afford it. They do eat A LOT of fish. It's usually very bony fish, but you get used to that. Gambians traditionally eat using their right hands while squating around a single, large bowl placed on the floor. Below are pictures of some food bowls I've eaten. I honestly really like the food here, especially coos.

Oily rice with fish and sorrel sauce.
Kristy and Liza cooking beans Gambia-style.

Kristy pounding chickpeas to make humus.

Kristy and Liza cooking pancatoes in the Basse car park.

Butchering a sheep for Tobaski.

Benechin, a traditional bowl of rice, oil, vegetables, and meat. Note the duck head on the far right.

Preparing to eat the benechin.

More benechin.

Rice with spicy groundnut sauce.

Coos with a very oily sauce.

Rice with leaf sauce.

Coos with groundnut sauce.

Eating. Gambians eat using their right hands. They ball up a portion of rice or coos and whatever sauce they are eating it with and lift it to their mouths. Gambians also usually eat while squating around a single bowl placed on the floor.

Josh cooking Gambia-style.

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